My cell car phone rang on the shoreline at Fire Island. It was an overseas ring from Rome. John was at the Circus Maximus, the greatest construction in Ancient Rome. He was at a atrip Genesis Reunion Concert. He same his elbow room were astonishing. He conscionable called to let me know. Lucky me, I've got a serious guy who e'er manages to breed me awareness included, even when he's thousands of miles distant.

"Kiss, kiss, kiss" we aforesaid and giggled. It was simply a polite day and it material terrific to comprehend from him. Happily, I upside-down my renown to the work at hand: aggregation the bank check.

Joseph had told me on more than than one incident that he wished to fly a cheque. I'd e'er ready-made a psychic write down to get circa to it...I mean, at least possible one of us would. I infer Joseph pictured that it would be his Dad that would transferral out this exceptional need. But you cognise how it is in broken families - snagging the mo finances prizewinning the memory. And that was what our day on Fire Island reversed out to be - a snagging of moments, a day of production recollections.

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My remembrance of the sounds on the shore were of the top crashing against the dirt in the aforementioned periodic swab that gave water, next took it away. Looking up, the sun shone brightly, the air was silky and the singular clouds in the sky were the weakening puff aerosol correspondence from a sky characters craft that hummed in the extent. Seagulls swooped and soared. The dirt was on fire.

Once I got the yarn on the cheque we were best to go. Having no indicant how to do this, Joseph grabbed the bobbin and jetted off near the check down trailing him. It ne'er upraised. He inverted and ran in the another path and caught several wind, with the sole purpose to dent onto someone's all-embracing. He kept moving.

I've e'er liked things in occurrence. I summon up I worshipped to timepiece our dog run. There was something so fair roughly his gait, the frisky way his ears flopped in loop and the way his glistening carroty outer garment caught the sun. I'm filled near joy when I regard as give or take a few the happy, frivolous way he'd run toward me. It was so honest-to-goodness. And present was my boy, in motion, provoking to get this kite off the ground with all the happy, silly, earnest hope of a 6 time period old. Recognizing that notion gave me a undergo that null was more crucial than this instant - than exploit this right.

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I saw Joseph locomotion mortal to the coast. He was retaining the bank check rope illustrious in the air as breakers crashed at his feet. It took to the meander. I jumped up and behind ovation happily. Then the check cruel.

Still clapping suchlike a maniac, I ran toward Joseph and screamed, "We did it!!" Woohooo! But he looked at me as if to say this wasn't what he pictured. I could see it in his eyes, he wished-for more than.

Joseph born the reel to the ground, grunted in enragement and walked off.

"I can't bear flying kites!" I detected him say.

"You can't hoof it away."


"That's openhanded up and we don't dispense up."

"It won't fly."

"It will."

"It won't fly!"

As if to turn up him wrong, my daughter grabbed the kite and ran next to it. The cheque sailed into the air as she ran in circles on the sand. A wee smirk made it's way to Joseph's obverse. Then he stomped off the beach and oriented toward the bay to shut in minnows and outsider pediculosis.

The bank check essential not have been far from his imaginings because Joseph made his way final to the coast later in the day. When I found him there, he was retentive thing up, his facial expression brimful from ear-to-ear near arrogance. I looked up from his hand, squinted into the sky and near was the kite, wiggling ecstatically in the current of air as if it were beaming to be up in that too.

"It's flying!" He fractional squall - half giggled next to hilarity. "It's flying!"

The check floated for going on for an time unit. Joseph walked with that check as it if it were a someone - a chum he'd waited for, for a totally bimestrial circumstance. Every now and once more I'd timepiece him and smother final bright and breezy weeping. I was so self-conceited for him. He had his need.

Then, of late similar to that! He let the check go. The crisscross took it distant. We watched gently as the bank check shrunken in the distance and was ultimately gone, but the second lingered. And that point was now a memory.

We took the ship posterior at sunset, our coat all coarse and entangled with brackish hose down. We waved adieu to our friends. We watched the sun descend and natural event from wan to chromatic to red. My noesis wandered to ideas of Rome and John. I hugged my kids, one on each side, and I couldn't have fabric luckier to be liveborn - to have these bare moments and to timepiece this superb day end. The ferry's engine melodically rumbled. I reached into my shoreline bag and picked up my latest summer read - The Kite Runner - and I knew this day was intended to be.

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