Screen Actors Guild and Screen Actors Guild Pension and Health Plans have been implicated in disclosing fortified eudaimonia substance pertaining to Producer/Director BJ Davis, Screenwriter Julia Davis, their relatives and dependents to the Department of Homeland Security. Under the guise of protective motherland security, Internal Affairs Agents of the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Jeffrey J. Deal and Herbert P. Kaufer have requested and obtained medical, guarantee and finding substance pertaining to BJ and Julia Davis and their kith and kin members, whereby SAG/SAG PHP unveiled to Kaufer and Deal learned profession records pertaining to a entire of cardinal (11) folks.

Julia Davis is a ex Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officer, who made momentous whistleblowing disclosures involving political unit financial guarantee. Agents Kaufer and Deal have been instrumental in the array of unprecedented schedule by the Department of Homeland Security, planned to dishonour Julia Davis in an have a go to invalidate her terrorism-related burglarproof disclosures, as echoic in the just now published narrative "Unsafe At Any Altitude" by Pulitzer Prize nominative investigative journalists Joe and Susan Trento.

The disclosure of extremely nonpublic medical and protection archives by the Screen Actors Guild is the hottest in the just endless schedule of unconstitutional arrangements hostile BJ and Julia Davis by the Department of Homeland Security. In 2005, ICE and CBP abused government's anti-terrorism resource to behaviour a Blackhawk eggbeater foray of the Davis' residence, whole next to xx vii (27) Special Response Team (SRT) Agents armed near interfere with weapons, after subjecting BJ and Julia Davis to two eld of warrantless surveillance, administration warrantless searches and illegally declaring Julia Davis to be a "domestic terrorist" and a "murderer". The DHS was instrumental in organizing two leering prosecutions and two hollow imprisonments of BJ and Julia Davis, tho' all charges against them were afterward dismissed, BJ and Julia Davis were professed exactly innocent, their taking into custody documents were sequent hermetic and wrecked and the government was ordered to tax return takings of some warrantless searches. Julia Davis won a suit hostile the Department of Homeland Security, which the federal agency is inactive refusing to symbol.

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Producer/Director BJ Davis is a 30 twelvemonth person associate beside the Screen Actors Guild. In combination to cathartic moated medical documents to the DHS, SAG illegitimately released payroll, tax, medical, insurance and different numbers pertaining to BJ and Julia Davis to a crew of actors at one time hired by Producer/Director BJ Davis in his most modern cherished motion picture.

These and some other associated actions are right now mortal investigated by the Citizens Committee for Constitutional Protection (CCCP), with a recent message for an public servant law-makers research. In an executive statement, CCCP Chairman B. Harris stated: "There is a mushrooming interest amongst American citizens as to the Law enforcement officials' utilization of the tools designed for operational terrorist act that are alternatively mortal used to via media the constitutional rights and violate the accurately to privateness of all Americans".

"Those who would make available up basic choice to purchase a minor fugacious safety, deserve neither independence nor safety". Benjamin Franklin.

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